Our Work

To generate interest and a response...
To sell a product and a position...
To make a point and a difference...

You need to be noticed, remembered, compelling, trusted.

Our clients count on us for the good thinking, diligent planning, accurate execution, and honest analysis that communicates their messages and achieves their goals.

Public Relations

  • media relations

  • social media

  • corporate communications

  • influencer engagement


  • advertising

  • copywriting

  • creative development

  • event planning and management

  • speaking and conferences

  • awards and honors

  • promotional partnerships

  • email marketing

  • SEO and SEM

Marketing Support

  • strategic planning

  • communications and marketing planning

  • messaging and branding

  • crisis and reputation management

  • audience and competitor research and analysis

  • measurement and analytics

  • lead generation

  • executive coaching

Content Development

  • writing and editing

    • including websites, white papers, Op-Eds, newsletters, reports, presentations, blogs, talking points, scripts

  • editorial planning

  • creative services and design

  • website development

  • collateral

Community Relations

  • strategic partnerships

  • leadership positioning

  • sponsorship management

  • internal communications

  • grassroots advocacy

  • constituent engagement


Who We Work With

Over the past 25 years, we've worked with hundreds of diverse clients. What our clients share is a desire for a committed thought partner with creative and practical ideas that drive good work. That's us. 

Nonprofit Organizations working in:

  • education

  • performing arts

  • STEM

  • migrant workers’ rights

  • public policy and advocacy

  • community development

  • membership and trade associations


Public Venues and Hospitality

  • attractions and museums

  • trade shows

  • events and consumer shows

  • hotels

  • restaurants

Companies and Individuals

  • accounting

  • technology

  • retail

  • manufacturing

  • authors


How We Work

We take our mantra “good thinking” seriously – and literally.

Before we act, we ask lots of questions about our client’s environment, audiences, and competitors. We want to know why they’ve done what they’ve done and why they want what they want. We find out what they have to say and who they want to say it to. We ask about aspirations.

We then quickly analyze situations and define objectives… and just as quickly develop thoughtful and realistic plans that reach clear, measurable goals.  

And when it’s time to do the work, we do it – without a lot of unnecessary talk, hidden charges, or self-serving accolades.

We‘re driven and guided by our values: honesty, creativity, and thoughtfulness. They permeate our work and our relationships with clients, vendors, partners, and each other.

Sure, we’ve won lots of local and national awards for our work over the past 20 years, but what matters most to our clients – and therefore, to us – is what they’ve won: industry respect, customer and client recognition, and results.


Who We Are

We are writers and storytellers, chroniclers, and explainers. We are promoters and creative directors. We are guides and enthusiasts – working behind the scenes so our clients can be in front of their audiences.

Steve Himmelrich

For more than 35 years, Steve has been helping companies, organizations, and clients achieve their goals.

Steve founded Himmelrich PR following marketing, public relations, and management positions with prominent advertising and PR agencies, government development agencies, and top museums. Throughout his career, he has been honored with prestigious awards, including Best of Show from the Public Relations Society of America, and awards from the American Association of Advertising Agencies and the International Downtown Association. He has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and The Washington Post and is a frequent speaker at conferences and colleges.

Steve’s counsel and expertise are sought for more than just public relations and marketing.  He has led the strategic planning process for many non-profit organizations and advises executives on business development. Steve asks the tough questions that lead to good decisions, good business practices, and good work.

Steve is equally committed to community service. He has sat on numerous boards of directors and has served as president of the Maryland Tourism Council, Central Scholarship, and Art with a Heart.

Steve can be reached at steve@himmelrich.com or 410.528.5400 ext. 12

Garrett Berberich
Account Executive

The title of Garrett’s graduate thesis was “Media and Public Relations: Cross Perceptions and the Role of Media Pitching.”

That explains the kind of focus, curiosity, and analysis that Garrett has brought to our clients for the past eight years. He understands what each client needs based on their current context and matches those needs with the desires and circumstances of their audiences, the media, and the partners who can contribute to their success. Our clients benefit from his thoughtful “what if…,” “why not…” and how can we…” approach. The results: successful promotions around the country, well-placed and prominent media coverage, and client events and communications that reach goals.

Garrett’s success has recognized by more than just our clients and the media. He was named the 2012 New Professional of the Year by the Maryland Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America.

Garrett can be reached at garrett@himmelrich.com or 410-528-5400 ext. 11

Dan Wiznitzer
Account Executive 

Dan’s interests and responsibilities have changed in his 12 years at Himmelrich PR as media and communications have changed. Where he once focused on placing stories about clients in newspapers and magazines, he now spends as much time on digital marketing.

Dan works on a wide-ranging portfolio of clients and issues; in one day, he could launch an online retargeting campaign for classical music performances or write a policy statement about migrant workers’ rights. One moment he might be coordinating a TV appearance for orchid growers, in the next he's analyzing website traffic for an educational nonprofit.

Dan can be reached at dan@himmelrich.com or 410-528-5400 ext. 10


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