Himmelrich PR, Good Thinking.

End of the Year

The end of December… a natural time to pause, take stock, and consider our work and experiences over the past year.

In 2019, we helped clients launch programs, sell tickets, and bring attention to important issues that impact lives. We announced new events, new hires, and new software features. We spent time in schools and concert halls, cavernous exhibition halls and intimate meetings, executive suites and apartment buildings for low-income residents. We wrote websites and press releases available to everyone and confidential strategies to be shared with few.

In 2019, we were reminded about what works for our clients and their audiences – and for us.

Here is some of what we were reminded of in the past year:

– Start with Why. What we (and our clients) do and how we do it is always more successful when it’s based on why we do it.

– Listen. Insight comes from listening to what is being said, what is meant – and what is not being said.

– Ask. One of our favorite responses from a client is “that’s a good question” because it means we have hit on something that matters and might be, as yet, undiscovered. It’s good to discover.

– Be thoughtful. We mean the “be nice” kind of thoughtful as well as the “keep an open mind” kind. Ideas and inspiration can come from anywhere, anybody, at any time.

– Do good work. Smoke disappears and mirrors distort. Bells fade and whistles are brief. Good work stays and matters.

– If at first you don’t succeed, evaluate, reconsider and refocus before you try again.

– Give thanks. We are grateful for the trust our clients placed in us in 2019. We intend for our work, our learning and our reminders in 2020 to continue supporting and inspiring them.

Happy New Year.



December 30, 2019