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Our First Pitch of the Season: Craft Show Success!

Our season of promoting 11 Sugarloaf Craft Festivals began in Baltimore this past weekend with rain coming down and press showing up. Despite lowered expectations due to the Orioles playoff home games, some not-so-sunny weather and a Ravens game on Sunday, both attendance and sales were up over last year.

On a weekend with lots of sports activity and competition for media coverage, the festival scored some impressive hits, including in Baltimore Magazine, The Sun, Carroll County Times, The Avenue News and a roster of other local papers. In addition, it was a grand slam of Baltimore TV, starting in-studio with WBFF on Friday, followed by on-site segments with WJZ  and WMAR on Saturday, and bringing it home Sunday morning with WBAL.

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A Quiet Day in the Office

TV studios, festivals in South Carolina and at the Maryland State Fairgrounds, research at the New York Public Library—it seems we’re just about everywhere BUT in our office today.


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We Back the Birds

Showing our O’s spirit with some new office window decorations. Let’s go O’s!


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The Missing Ingredient: Molly

To make the perfect chocolate chip cookie, you first need good chocolate. Then there’s the flour, sugar, eggs, butter and vanilla. But there’s another crucial ingredient: the baking soda that helps expand the cookie. If we think of our firm as a chocolate chip cookie, our new Account Associate Molly Dressel is like the baking soda. Even though we already had all of the key elements to make us successful—talented staff, keen insight, interesting clients—Molly expands our work with her energy, drive and talent. (And the homemade cookies she brings into the office a couple of times a week aren’t so bad either—although they are expanding our waistlines.)

Welcome, Molly! We’re happy to add you to the HPR mix.

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Plenty of Press for Planes

This weekend the Charm City Fly-In returns to Southwest Area Park but the sky isn’t the only place these model airplanes, gliders and helicopters have been seen.

Cameras captured the model aircrafts flying, gliding and soaring through the air all this past week. The Fly-In was the WBFF Hometown Hotspot on Monday morning. On Wednesday, the models lit up the early morning sky on WJZ’s People are Talking live segment. And, WBAL and WJZ shot some fly Fly-In footage today to be broadcast this weekend.

In addition, the Fly-In was also featured online and in print. A writer from the Arbutus Times talked with hobbyists and pilots who will be flying their planes this weekend and used a Go-Pro to shoot from the sky for an additional online video. The Baltimore Sun included the event in its b section and weekend insert’s Happenings section.

We’re looking forward to clear skies, light winds and heavy coverage this weekend.


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Gearing Up to Volunteer

We are working with Business Volunteers Maryland to promote its upcoming events including doSOMETHING!—a networking event tonight to spur community involvement among Baltimore professionals, and “a night of doing good. better.”—the organization’s inaugural fundraiser in October. We are also seeking out volunteer opportunities of our own—both as a firm and as individuals. Luckily, we work with Business Volunteers! Business Volunteers’ Manager of Volunteer Engagement & Nonprofit Programs led a workshop for us last week where we identified what each of us is passionate about and then provided suggestions for local nonprofits where we each might be of service.

We’re proud to work with such an impactful organization and look forward to affecting change in our community by promoting their events and programs and by providing our time and energy.

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Soaking in the last of the summer weather…

…poolside at an office get-together last night.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset HPR dinner at Steve 2 - Sep 5 14

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Looking Forward to Labor Day

For us, Labor Day isn’t just about family barbecues and enjoying the last days of summer. It’s our deep breath before a fall filled with: promoting eight weekend festivals in five markets in 10 weeks, publicizing an additional 20+ one-time, one-day events for our non-profit clients, tasting and telling about new restaurant menu items, managing title sponsorships for six events around the country and providing ideas and insights for new Baltimore business ventures and adventurous Baltimore businesspeople.

We can’t wait for things to start falling into place.

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Lots and Lots of Links

We’ve sent a lot of compelling, goofy, fun and interesting links around the office this week. Here’s some of the cool stuff we’ve been sharing:

Taco Bell Survivor Story

What’s on your Twitter feed?

Texting > Talking

Design Sabotage

Spotify Around the World

See? Food!

Ping Pong in the Park!

Stoop Stories

iMac 1.0

No Sweat? No Gatorade.

Out With the New, In With the Old

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Here Come the Crafts!

The ink is dry on the contract—for the seventh year, we will be promoting the Sugarloaf Craft Festivals! We love promoting the Festivals and the artists because we know how much craft-lovers enjoy the shows and how much the artists rely on them for their livelihood. But we also love how much fun we have working on each show. We’re looking forward to:

-sampling tons of delicious food from gourmet food purveyors, especially taste testing salsa, wine slushies and sugar-free powdered drink mixes
-animated conversations with artists about things we don’t know, like the temperature at which glass melts (between 900°F and 3000°F) and where to find the best meteorites for jewelry (apparently,  it’s in Arizona)
-holiday shopping in October…and November…and March…
-road trips up and down the coast with stops at casinos, barbecue restaurants and Ethiopian eateries
-seeing how many convenience stores we can get to in an hour as we collect newspapers that feature articles about our clients

Bring on the crafts!

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