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A Week as an HPR Intern

After working as interns at Himmelrich PR for over a month, we’ve come to realize that each day can be completely unlike the previous. Unexpected phone calls from media, heated office-wide debates, and meetings with clients from Baltimore and all around the country make our work here exciting and present us with invaluable opportunities. Here are some highlights from our week:

We spent the morning exploring the Maryland Science Center, pressing buttons, lifting levers, seeing a planetarium show and letting our curiosity lead the way, reminding us of MSC’s dedication to education in addition to just fun.

intern field trip to MSC - Jul 8 14

Wednesday, we began our day with the weekly staff meeting, which, as usual, was as an opportunity for everyone to reflect, discuss, argue, and inform. We engaged in conversations about big concepts like the integrity of businesses to lighter subjects such as Baltimore’s best frites.

We participated in a “Brown Bag Lunch” hosted by the Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance, where we learned about navigating and utilizing its new website and connected with other young professionals.

We learned about branding, identity, logos and historical signage during a meeting for a client’s upcoming building development project.

We enjoyed a tasting (or more like a feast) at one of our client’s restaurants that included four cocktails and dishes such as veal cheeks, tuna tartare, polenta bread pudding and blueberry lemonade.

We celebrated a birthday in the office with lunch, coffee and cookies from a local café, as well as some fun conversation about the merit of Comedy Central.

We finished our week at the finish line of a tough, yet rewarding 5K that we helped promote, and, of course, took some selfies to document our accomplishment.

Bridges 5k - Jul 11 14

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Our 4th of July Tradition Continues…


This past weekend was (another) filled with successful client events as we continued our Fourth of July tradition of coordinating client sponsorships around the country. As hot dogs were eaten, big name musical acts rocked stages, American flags were waved and fireworks lit up the sky, over one million people saw our client’s logos everywhere, donned fun giveaways bearing our client’s name and heard their message in Ohio, Missouri and Pennsylvania.

We love three-day weekends—especially when our clients love our work.

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June Ends on a High Note

Mess Fest pic stitch - Jun 30 14Diana Ross pic stitch - Jun 30 14

Here’s why we’re singing our clients’ praises from this past weekend:

On Saturday, the Maryland Science Center was humming with families creating power drill paintings and their own slime, and watching a variety of messy demonstrations during Mess Fest.

The Edward A. Myerberg Center’s annual benefit—a sold out Diana Ross concert—was music to our ears on Saturday night.

The deputy director of Business Volunteers Maryland chimed in this Sunday in a Baltimore Sun article highlighting Maryland non-profits.

We’re happy to help them toot their own horns.

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Our Week In Words… So Far

We know it’s only Tuesday, but we’ve been paying a lot of attention (probably too much) to the eclectic language we’ve used so far this week. Here’s a snippet:

Word cloud

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World Cup Wednesday

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First Friday Haiku

Interns came this week
So did a new employee
New drinking buddies

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Himmelrich PR Around the Country

The markets we work in are constantly changing and always expanding. Here is an update presented at a meeting today of where we are working so far this year:

HPR markets

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My First Follow

From our spring semester intern Nina Krane:

During a group lunch on one of my last days at Himmelrich PR, I was asked to share my favorite moment from my four months as an intern. The memory that immediately came to mind was when I saw that a large and influential local nonprofit’s Twitter account started following the client I spent most of my time working on. I felt like the “follow” from this organization validated what I had been doing and that I had finally cracked the secret code of doing things right.

As I continued to think about my favorite moment, I was reminded of something else that reinforced this moment as my favorite. People in the office would often say that the work and the content we provide should never be about us, but instead, about our clients and their audiences; that what we need to provide is content that will make people pay attention, listen and take an extra interest in our clients. In remembering this, I realized that my favorite moment gave me the opportunity to see a new connection being forged in a community and helped me understand what “good thinking” means for our clients. I’m happy to leave this internship knowing that “good thinking” starts—but doesn’t end—with good work.

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Starting On the Right Career Path

From our intern Allie Smith on the last day of her internship:

When reflecting on what I learned at Himmelrich PR, it is easy to talk about the tasks I completed. I learned how to write a press release, compile media clips and conduct research. I participated in meetings and posted event listings. These were the things that I expected to do based on the job description, and I am glad that I had the opportunity to learn and practice these skills in an agency setting. However, I think the true value of my public relations internship was less about the tasks I completed, and more about the environment I was immersed in.

In school you’re taught how to write press materials, but they do not teach you how to answer the phone professionally, how to find the restaurant to pick up lunch for a client meeting when your GPS is broken, or how to take initiative in the workplace. I have given presentations about theories  of mass communication before, but I had never been part of a discussion that leads to real decisions about how to promote a client.

The most valuable thing I learned at Himmelrich PR was that I chose the right major. I chose mass communications because I love media, but it is difficult to know whether you are on the right career path without any experience outside of the classroom. On my first day at the office, I was excited to see that my desk was covered with stacks of local newspapers and magazines. When I went behind my desk and discovered even more stacks on the floor, I knew this was the kind of environment that I wanted to work in. As I approach the end of both this internship and my undergraduate studies, I know that my time at Himmelrich PR has prepared me for my future career by providing me with both the experience and the desire to work as a public relations professional.

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Know Your Audience

From our intern Catherine Rinaldo on the last day of her internship:

Throughout my internship at Himmelrich PR, I had the opportunity to grow personally and professionally through enriching experiences—I engaged in lively debates, participated in brainstorming meetings and supported the media effort in promoting a non-profit’s events. As I reflect on each of these experiences, I realize that many of our conversations in the office were focused on audience.

In a staff meeting, we debated a polarizing grammar issue and its importance (or lack of importance) to our clients’ audiences and ourselves. We discussed potential constituents of a new downtown development. And, I researched and created a list of media outlets to reach out to for a client’s event, based on the media that reached our intended audience.

As I reflect on the importance of defining your audience as an essential part of the communication of a message, I realize that it is necessary to reach that with “good thinking” based on that audience’s preferences, preconceptions and habits. I will leave my internship at Himmelrich PR with the ability to not only identify stakeholders but also how to creatively and effectively connect with them by using my own “good thinking.”

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