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A Snowy Show in Boston

Over the past two weeks while Boston saw record snow, we saw record media for the New England Boat Show. The nine-day show wrapped up on Sunday and featured 800 boats, over 100 seminars and special appearances from the captains of National Geographic Channel’s Wicked Tuna. Snow is usually the enemy of show promoters, but we jumped at the chance to use the winter weather to our client’s advantage.

Major Boston media covered the show like snow covered the city—a lot!  Among the many stories and mentions were Boston.com’s articles and videos about a boat stuck in the streets of Boston on its way to the show, winter getaway ideas, daydreaming about boats,  and things to do around Boston. In print, the Boston Globe, the Boston Globe Magazine and Boston Magazine all named the show a top “Thing to Do” this winter. WHDH and WCVB ran stories about exhibitors transporting their boats through the snow to the show.

Sometimes when snow falls, media goes up!

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An Out of This World Encounter

After returning from his stay on the International Space Station, NASA Astronaut Reid Wiseman landed at the Maryland Science Center yesterday. During his three-hour visit, he captivated visitors with stories and videos of his wild adventures in space. The press was wild about Reid too. WBAL, WMAR, WBFF and WJZ interviewed him and The Baltimore Sun ran a huge article (and on the front page!) as well as posted an online photo gallery.

With lots of great media for Reid and the Maryland Science Center, let’s just say we’re over the moon!

astro reid pic 1 astro reid pic 2

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Boats + Snow = Media?

The New England Boat Show begins this weekend and move-in is this week—800 boats being loaded into the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center… in the middle of a historic month of snow. Today, in the midst of our move-in media pitching, a boat got stuck in a snow bank…in the middle of downtown Boston. Yeah, that happened.

Here’s what happened with us: we jumped on the phone with every TV station and newspaper in Boston to make sure that if they were going to report that a boat was tying up traffic in downtown Boston, they should report where the boat was headed. Yeah, PR works.

Within an hour, all four Boston TV stations mentioned that the New England Boat Show opens this weekend. A daily paper that was “thinking about writing a piece” is now writing a piece for tomorrow’s paper. We’ve spent all afternoon trying to capture all the online mentions of the boat—and the boat show! And, the show’s Twitter and Instagram gained as many followers in a couple of hours as they usually did in three weeks!

We’re sorry, Boston commuters. We’re sorry, owner of the stuck boat. But we’re just doing our job…well.

boat stuck
Photo courtesy of Twitter user @dhack21

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Desktop Toys

An interesting read in today’s New York Times made us think about our desktop toys. Some of our favorites:

picstitch (4)picstitch (5) IMG_5358image1 (8)

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Happy Clients = Happy Monday

Visitors were busy with boats in Baltimore and customers were crazy for crafts in Chantilly, Virginia at our two successful client events this past weekend! Attendance at both the Baltimore Boat Show and the Sugarloaf Crafts Festival in Chantilly were up—17% at the Boat Show and 3% at the Sugarloaf show.

In addition to high attendance at the shows, each also had many mentions in the media. WBFF, WBAL, WJZ and WMAR were shooting all weekend on site at the Boat Show and The Daily Record, Jewish Times and Baltimore Sun ran articles and features last week. Virginia papers, including the Alexandria Gazette, Alexandria Times, and Culpeper Times, featured articles about the Sugarloaf Crafts Festival’s many local artists and WKTV interviewed multiple artists and visitors at the show on Friday.

Successful shows mean happy clients, and happy clients mean: Happy Monday!



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From Four Wheels to Two

After successfully working with the 2015 Motor Trend International Auto Show two weeks ago, we’re moving from four wheels to two. Our newest client is the Timonium Motorcycle Show coming to the Maryland State Fairgrounds in February. We are promoting the three-day event (featuring hundreds of cycles and lots of celebrity appearances and seminars) by pitching media, securing mentions and managing social media.

Vroom! Vroom!

Motorcycle Show

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HPR AE is Ready to GIVE

Account Executive Garrett Berberich has been selected as a member of Business Volunteer Maryland’s 2015 GIVE class. The GIVE program educates and inspires “the next generation of civic leaders” to make a meaningful difference in the community by providing their skills, expertise and insight through volunteer service.

Congratulations Garrett!

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Starting (Our Engines) in the New Year

This past weekend we rang in the New Year with 400 new cars, four days of TV, plenty of print media, and tens of thousands of visitors at the Motor Trend International Auto Show in Baltimore.

WBAL, WJZ, WBFF and WMAR previewed the show and highlighted the exotic cars on display. The Baltimore Sun, WKND, the Baltimore Business Journal and b. The Newspaper ran photos, articles, features and mentions of the show.

Starting off the year doing what we do best? Not bad.

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That’s a Wrap!

Just in time for our holiday gift wrapping—we just wrapped up our fall season of consumer show promotion: seven events in five markets in the past three months. Total attendance for the shows increased over last year, with at least three recording record numbers of visitors. The media was present (get it?) with lots of TV segments, print stories, blog posts and online features. Happy shoppers and happy clients were a real gift to us.


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Elves for a Day

This year, for our annual holiday volunteer experience, we participated in Elf Night with Business Volunteers Maryland at the Salvation Army. We spent Wednesday afternoon helping fill over 1,800 boxes with clothes, toys, and stockings for 4,000 local children.

Here’s a shot of us elves after a few hours of fun and meaningful service:

elf night

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